Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spinning Night

For the last few months I have been getting together with spinning friends to well...spin!  We have been meeting in each others homes, but this month we met at a new yarn shop in Asheville, Friends and Fiberworks.  I spun a hand-dyed, drum carded blend of wool and mohair in a darkly shaded blue green - with a bit of firestar in the mix. I did something I seldom do - I weighed the lot (6.4 oz.) and divided the batts into 'lighter' and 'darker.' Then I adjusted the batts to make the separate shades weigh the same.  My plan is to have a somewhat more even yarn at the end with fewer light and dark sections once I start knitting the yarn.  I believe it is destined to be a hat.

Here is the yarn on the bobbin of my trusty, circa mid-1980s  Louet S-10.  It spun quite nicely and should ply up to about a heavy worsted weight.  I like this yarn very much.  I'll try to remember to photograph it when I'm done.

Spinning night was as lovely as usual, but with a few new (and familiar faces).  It was fun to do it at a yarn shop as well.  I am a firm believer in spinning in public.  Each time I do it, I have people tell me that they have never seen it before.  Others tell me about a spinning wheel that has been in the family for generations.  One comment all spinners hear is, 'That's dying art!'  My response:  'Not while I'm around!' 

The orange socks are moving along nicely.  I'll have to check my Ravlelry projects and I'm sure it's no record, but I don't think I've knitted socks this quickly - ever!.  I'm now just a few rows shy of starting the toe on sock #2.  In fact, I think I'll start knitting right now.  Bye!

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