Monday, July 19, 2010

Rockin', Sockin' Grab Bags!

Things were lively in downtown Asheville this weekend, but then they often are.  This weekend was the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands.  Although I did not attend the Guild Fair (as it is commonly known around here), my dyed fiber got a good bit of attention.  In walking distance of the Civic Center, our local yarn shop Asheville HomeCrafts always does a good business that weekend.  People get in the creative spirit - and apparently everybody wants to make felt.  My multicolor grab bags sold like hotcakes! 

I took an inventory Friday evening and re-stocked on Saturday morning but by Sunday at closing they were GONE!  Funny, I started making these grab bags to use up leftovers and sell fiber that refused to be photographed.  Now I have to dye specifically for the grab bags.  In the Etsy shop, I have Leaves of Green, Red Menace, the Blues and the multicultural skin tones packs.  In the LYS I add a crazy mixed up bag.

Although I was already dyeing for a specific project, that was put on hold to dye around the spectrum for at least a handful of grab bags to get to the store in the next day or so.  Let's see... what colors do I need to do next?!


Elizabeths Attic said...

Hello - love the colours but could you tell me 'what is a grab bag' or am I being numb.
Beverley UK

AnneMarie said...

Good Question! My grab bags are mixed bags of fiber for feltmakers and spinners who need small amounts of lots of colors. I like to group them into color families. This allows someone who is doing a felted landscape to get several shades of green or blue. Doll makers can get the skin tones pack so they can blend the right color for the skin as well as highlights and shadows. Hope that helps!