Wednesday, July 21, 2010

GoodBye Grover!

We have had a bit of a pest in the garden.  Someone was eating the leaves of the green beans.  Not the beans; not the vines.  The same someone was also eating the lettuce to the ground.  Since it was bolting, no complaints there.  But when the varmint started snacking on my tomatoes, it was war!

Turns out it was a groundhog and the leaves of green beans are one of their absolute favorite foods.  I saw him a few times, usually in the early mornings and after standing up in his cute little woodchuck way, he always dashed under the back deck. 

We took a low key approach, placing pinwheels in the garden, since they can be frightened of shiny moving objects, then didn't see him for a while.  But he reappeared, so my sweetie and a neighbor set up a have-a-heart trap to help him find a new home.

  Sometime yesterday, he finally decided that a lovely snack of apples was just what he wanted and in he went.  so today he will be taken on a little trip to the country.  Although I don't like him, I didn't want him to starve.  As I was pushing bok choi leaves through the cage, the little dickens snarled at me, ready to bite the hand that was feeding him. 

Goodbye, Gover!  Time to go to your new home!

Requisite fiber content:  In between feeding and photographing Grover, I dyed roving and packed bags of mixed fiber for the LYS and made up one-ounce bundles, affectionately known as bon-bons.  I also knitted a good bit on the orange socks, and am starting the gusset of sock #2.  I am loving these socks!  Fast + pretty = Fun! 

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Henya said...

Good for you! And your tomatoes.