Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Plain Vanilla in Orange

As the Mossy Cardi is again at a place where I have to think, I started a pair of socks to knit this evening at the SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair) board meeting.  No brain strain here, just a simple pair of socks in self striping Sock Colori almost sport weight yarn.  I bought several balls of this when a local yarn shop went out of business a few years ago.  As I am still 'knitting down the stash' (though I have seriously fallen off the wagon of late), this yarn volunteered for duty.

When I knit the psuedo-Fair Isle yarns, I find that I don't like any patterning - not even ribs.  A bit of a cuff, then straight-on stockinette, flap heel and more stockinette to the toe.  With randomly dyed and semi-solid yarns, it's a different story.  But for these yarns, I work on the KISS principle.  I guess I'll put them on Ravelry, but mostly to keep records of sock #1, when I knit sock #2. 

SAFF is shaping up nicely.  Even with a smaller and less-experienced board, we are a dedicated group.  We are willing to try new things, while keeping the things that worked in the past. I have simple but satisfying knitting to keep my hands busy, but not require much pesky thinking.  The creativity flows, but we keep the meeting knitting easy!

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