Saturday, December 1, 2007

Holly Jolly

Last evening I joined friends in Black Mountain, NC for the holiday kickoff known as Holly Jolly Christmas. Downtown shops stay open late and the streets are lined with luminaries and packed with people visiting, drinking hot chocolate and at least theoretically shopping. With a stop at the Seven Sisters Gallery for eggnog and to admire the work that they have in the Gallery. I met Andrea the owner and was glad that I was wearing one of my own hats, though I did not point that out to her.

The buy of the evening was 3 Spinnerin pattern books from the early 60's. One of them has patterns that are extremely knittable right now (although the necklines are a bit off) and the other 2 are...umm...vintage! Very 1960s -but in the Patty Duke Show era - still innocent, barely a glimpse of the Summer of Love.

This adds to my small collection of vintage needlework books, many from my friend Rena's estate, but others that I have purchased or that people hav
e passed on to me. If I am serious about the New Stuff In The House Means Something Else Has Got To Go rule, I need to either divest myself of some of these, or I will have to do some more serious purging.

Later this morning I am taking Christmas decorations (does that count as a purge?) to the Farmers Market shop and work a while with Sally. Should be a tad busy, though I'll bring the spinning wheel as well as knitting.

I got the nicest note from a retuning Etsy customer:

I have to say, out of the other roving wool I have purchased through other merchants, your wool is THE best I have ever tried. Others have great colours and texture too, but when push comes to shove, they just don't felt or smell as nicely as yours do. And your colours don't fade with hot water! I am very happy with my other purchase, and am looking foward to my next shipment. Thanks

Ah, sucks! I must say, I don't do anything to make it smell good. It's just the natural smells that come from the wool itself and the dyeing process. This time of year, I can seldom dry it outside in the sunshine. Anyhow, nice to hear!