Sunday, February 10, 2013

Not as Bleak as it Looks

Although at first glance it looks like the roving on my clothes line is the only color in the February. landscape, but that seems not tot be true.  Here in western. North Carolina, the early spring and winter are in competition.  I took a walk around my yard and found many more shades of green.

When I look closely there are lots of tiny splashes of color. But looking closer is the key.  When I take a moment, I can admire the snow drops. These tiny flowers that are a reminder that spring can't be far away.  They  are so cute, even without any snow to help them show off.

It won't be long before the daffodils are blooming . With our frequent warm spells, these bulbs take advantage of sunny days to get a head start. And with Mardi Gras just a few days away, the Lenten Rose has begun to begun to bloom.

Today was chilly and breezy but with the moist feeling that feels like spring is coming soon.  Last year I was so late getting the early spring veggies in, that I didn't even bother with peas and spinach.  That won't happen this year.  The bed is already prepped and waiting.

The recent dye activity is to fill a good sized order for an upcoming felting class.  I want to be sure that the students have plenty of choices and I don't mind having extra dyed fiber around. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What a Sweet Gift

A lovely surprise came in the mail the other day.  For a few years I have been a member of a fiber marketing initiative called 'Phat Fiber.'  Indie fiber producers contribute to a sampler box and each month these are made available for purchase.  If people like your yarn or roving or stitch markers, they might buy from your online shop.

Along with this, a community has formed along with the fiber exchange.  We decided this year to move the gift exchanges away from the traditional holiday season to a less busy time.  After all, who need more to do during the holidays?  We decided to move it to early February - a time that can be a bit quiet both in the fiber business and people's lives.  Although I don't always join in gift exchanges, thought this one might be fun. 

When I got home from work the other evening, a decorated box was waiting for me. It's from Melissa at Hello Purl.

When I opened it  up, there was a note...

And it was full of goodies...

Jammed full...

I found a fabulous art batt in Hello Purl's 'Fire Pit' colorway, hand dyed silk hankies, an ounce of charcoal grey Lincoln locks, 2 hand made walnut buttons, a box of Tazo tea and a package of way cute chocolate truffles in the shape of bears! With lots of cool stuff in her Etsy shop, Hello Purl's work is fun and creative.  I can't wait to Spin up the art batt the mix of fibers, colors and textures is so rich!

Thanks Melissa!  I am happy to be part of this amazing group!