Friday, September 21, 2012

On the line

It's been all about dyeing at Smoky Mountain Fibers this season.  Between 3 very nice orders and my regular business, I've been keeping the dyepots pretty darn warm.  My collaboration with Friends & Fiberworks has resulted in a good uptick even in the traditionally lean fiber months.  And with SAFF and the rest of the fabulous fall fiber frenzy, I won't stop until well after the winter holidays.

Although I'll be holding down the fort at the shop, my fiber, hats and patterns will be going to lots of shows this fall.  Some are local; others are far away - Stitches East in Connecticut to be exact.

One the production schedule this weekend...
  • Overdyeing some lackluster yarns
  • Pumpkin orange
  • Leafy greens
  • A bit of spinning
  • Work Saturday afternoon at the yarn shop
  • Taking care of my SAFF responsibilities
  • Updating my bookkeeping (the decidedly unsexy part of the business).

I'll also go to an English dance, do a bit of yard work, and tackle the pile of paper on the dining room table.  What would life be like without a bunch of things (and people) I love!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Birthday Greetings... the best truck ever.  This week my stalwart companion of 16 years turned 240,000 miles.  Yes, my 1996 Toyota Tacoma reached quite a milestone.  Truckie came into my life when she was a mere pup - just 7600 miles.  Her first owner turned her in to get something with a lower payment, the salesman said. So on Memorial Day weekend  '96 she came home.

I'd never owned a truck before, but ever since Datsun and Toyota started selling small pickups in the early 70's, I loved them.  Truckie is a red queen cab, 5-speed, 2 wheel drive model with sport wheels and a camper top.  I've driven her across town and across the country. I have a youth bed mattress that fits perfectly in the bed and I've slept in her in Chapel Hill, NC, in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, in Big Bend National Park, Texas and plenty more places.

A few years ago she started showing her age, so I adopted her cousin - a red (of course) '09 Toyota Matrix, who coincidentally turned a mere 50K the same week.  Truckie is no longer my daily commuter, but she still holds a special place in my heart.  She is happy to be a loaner to my friends, but I don't take her on the road to gigs.  I drive her about once a week, mostly to keep the battery charged and to justify owning a second vehicle.

Seems kind of funny to write a love note to an aging pick up truck, but this may be the best vehicle I'll ever own.  Long live Truckie!