Friday, July 16, 2010

Progress on the Sock Front

I just can hardly say enough for mindless knitting.  The sock you see here was begun on Tuesday evening.  I cast on and knit the one inch of 1X1 ribbing.  Then on Wednesday evening I attended a 2 hour meeting.  Last evening, I watched 'Crazy Heart' with Jeff Bridges as a washed up country singer and Maggie Gyllenhaal as the plucky reporter who falls for him.  Good music, sort of predictable, but a fine movie for knitting socks.  And look at the progress in about 5 hours of knitting! Sweet! 

Plus, I'm now in my favorite sock knitting section, the Gusset.  Why the gusset?  As we say ion Minnesota, I see it this here way.  The leg and any patterning that may have been required is in the past.  The heel flap and heel turn, done.  now, just that last fun, interesting part until its time for a bit of round and round knitting that is the foot.  Then it's time for the toe - easy and fun.  I even like to kitchener my toes.  It is such a satisfying end of a project.  I even usually kitchener both toes at the same time.  Granted, that is mostly so I can keep the toes even.  But also because I just like the finality of it. 

I plan to go to the Asheville HomeCraft's Sit 'n' Knit tonight.  Chat with folks and knit mindlessly and I should knock off the foot.  Nice, eh?

My 4 year Etsy anniversary is coming up.  Watch this space for special offers just for my blog readers!

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