Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another Inch

Exciting blog fodder:  Last night I knit about another inch or so on my Mossy Cardi.  I intend to do a bit more knitting over the weekend.  So exciting!  But in fact I hope to get to the 'divide for the armholes' part of the pattern.  Keep in mind that even though this sweater will eventually look somewhat like the Drops 103-1 jacket, it is constructed by knitting the body in one piece to the sleeve area, then dividing into a back and 2 fronts.  Make appropriate shaping until it's shoulder time.  It is a bit more complicated, what with trying to make both sides even and all.  Not too mention a bit of variation on stitch count between the 2 patterns.  But as I will be a house guest over the weekend and will be a passenger on the drive home, I foresee plenty of knitting time.

I'll be calling a contra dance this weekend in Cornelia, Georgia with one of my favorite bands, Steamshovel.  It's just 2 guys, but they are an amazing band.  Roger Gold of the Elftones is playing (mostly) guitar with David White on fiddle and banjo.  Should be lots of fun for those who want a bit of high energy dancing in North GA.  After that I have a little flurry of calling gigs around these hills.  So join me to dance and knit, though not necessarily at the same time!

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