Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Renate Hiller - "On Handwork"

This video is making the rounds of knitting blogs of late.  Sweet and simple and making lots of sense, I'm posting it here as well.  I like what Ms. Hiller has to say about making things.  Why do we make yarn by hand? Why do we knit socks, when we can buy them at almost any local store?  Why am I knitting a sweater in July?  I can easily buy one for 1/2 the price.  

Speaking of sweaters, here is a bit of progress on my Mossy Cardi, now up to nearly 9 inches (23 cm).  That's a good bit of knitting and it's going faster than I expected.  Love the yarn, love the color, love the semi-mindless knitting.  Usually I'm seeking purl-avoidance, but I don't even mind the purl rows.  I switched from my usual Addi-Turbo needles to bamboo.  The sharper points of the turbos were snagging the plies.  The blunt-tipped bamboos, don't do that. 

I think my progress comes from being slightly sidelined by a summer cold.  Instead of party-ing with friends I was quite happy to stay home and finish watching the the HBO miniseries John Adams on Netflicks. Gotta say - loved it!  Now I knew about as much about John Adams as the next non-history major - almost nothing!  Now I know that historical biopics can be a wee bit revisionist - after all it's TV.  But still a nice look at American history and probably worth watching.

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