Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I am not alone...

Flying Saucers have not landed in my back yard.  It's the de-stash thing.

I found a Ravelry group that is devoted to the knitting from one's own personal yarn shop, called Stash Knit Down [Rav link].  The point is to finish up (or frog) your Works in Progess; sell, give away or donate the yarn you'll never use; knit those projects that you really want to knit and already have the yarn.  From what I've read on the discussion boards, my stash isn't nearly as bad as other people's.  My essential thriftiness keeps me in line.  However I just did my taxes and all those 'but it's for the business' expenses are a bit over the top.  And as I am doing some work in my studio, I had to move all that yarn, so I know how much I really have.  It's not pretty.  Well, it's actually very pretty!

Last weekend I visited Friends and Fiberworks, a new yarn shop here in Asheville.  I wanted to scope it out - one of the owners asked me about teaching some classes.  While chatting, I complemented them on the selection of yarns and fibers (it's very tempting) but apologized that I was 'on a yarn diet.'   They totally got it - the partners are on yarn diets too! At least they are trying, but it's got to be hard surrounded by wonderful yarns, spinning and felting fibers all day.

One way to make it easier to knit down the stash is to make up kits.  Take the yarn and pattern and put it in a zip lock bag.  Place several of these bags on a handy shelf.  Need to knit - a project is there for you!  My personal variation is to make up several kits for my Windy City hat (shown here) and pack them in a tote with needles and stitchmarkers and take the tote to work.  That way I have lunch hour knitting right there.  I even bought a few extra needles so they will always be there when I need them.

So now I have a bit of support.  Don't buy yarn - knit what you already have.  No pictures yet, but remember the yarn from the harvested sweater?  I have already knit 5 or 6 hats that look darn good!  I am trying out designs and having a good time with very nice yarn.  Knitting down the stash can be very rewarding - and fun!

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ennadoolf said...

I need to join that group too! I just have to sew in the ends of my last 2 knitting projects and I'll be ready to start the next one. :)