Monday, March 1, 2010

Fire: March Phat Fiber Preview

I'm getting ready to again participate in the Phat Fiber Sampler Box.  This is a group of fiber artist to contribute sample sizes of their work.  Jesse takes these samples, repackages them and sells the boxes once a month through her Etsy shop.  It creates quite a buzz amongst the fiberati.  I don't participate every month, but I do send in samples every other month or so.  Since the March theme is Elements:  Earth, Air, Fire and Water, this is just up my alley.
Fire is one of my regular colorways, so it was fun to create not just one set of samples, but two:  Hand dyed roving & mohair locks.  I actually planned on sending in Fire and Water, but as I was packing I realized that I had overdone the Fire, so I made the decision for myself.  The colors are great - I love the way the little 'bonbons' of roving are rather unique.  The mohair (from my new favorite local goats) are shiny and wonderful. I have had lots of fun dyeing mohair. It dyes differently than wool - slower and more intense.  I have it listed in my Etsy shop and I get wonderful feedback from my buyers.  So my Phat Fiber friends - Good luck and enjoy!

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