Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finishing: A Good Feeling

Finishing - It's the new beginning!  Well, not really.  But it is a good feeling to take unfinished works-in-progress and get them done, pull them out and repurpose the yarn and otherwise get them out of the guiolt-filled 'gotta do this' column regardless of where they end up.  The blue socks that you see here are toe up socks that were nearly complete.  Now they are done, toes grafted, ends woven in, and ready to wear.  But since it's spring thy will go into the cedar chest until fall.

The brown socks were newly knitted.  I came across the sport-weight Socka Colori yarn while going through UFOs and they looked like a 'knock them out fast' project that was perfect for after the sweaters.  Again - they were fast.  I did them in just under a week in bits and pieces of lunch hours, TV watching, waiting for other people.

The other interesting knitting has been taking the un-sweater Rowan Chunky Tweed and knitting it into interesting hats.  Spring is kind of 'design time' for me.  Play around with yarns and ideas so that when it's time to go into production mode, I know where I am going.  Having fun with those!  Pics to come after I see what is worth sharing.

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