Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Steeking Time

Having finished the Cobblestone Pullover, I returned to finishing up the Spicy Cardi.  Now I have finished the knitting, the hemming and one of the underarm seams (one more to go) on my Classic Lines Cardi, it is time to mark and cut the steek.  The official pattern does not have a closure - the cardi is open, though I have noticed that some Ravelers have added buttons or those fancy silver or pewter hooks and eyes that are sometimes seen on Scandinavian sweaters.   I'm also considering a zipper.  In fact, if I just cut it open, can I sew in a zipper without knitting a 'button band?'  Kinda lazy!  But I do want to be done with this. Research may be necessary to see if it makes sense.  Last evening's trip to the big box fabric store did not convince me to put in a zipper. Partly because of the color; partly because of the length.

The fit is good - slightly roomy - because I didn't do the waist shaping.  I don't have much of a waist, and yes, I do look fatter that I am.  Honest!  I love the burnt orange color and subtle stripes.  The fabric - merino wool, alpaca and silk is very sweet.  Big love! 

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