Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Let's see - What else can I finish?

Having knit the Cobblestone pullover in near record time (for me!), then nearly finishing the Classic Lines Cardi, I have been eyeing the marination chamber with the thought of the more decisive part of my nature.  I need to take a look at the issue that sent it into the marination chamber and make a decision about it's future.  If it's ugly or I just don't like it, frog it.  If I can't even remember why I set it aside, finish it. There is perfectly nice yarn in there.  Recycle that yarn into something more interesting or de-stash it.

About a week ago I picked up a 1/2 done Hedgerow sock with a bad heel turn, frogged the offending part and began again. I am currently decreasing for Toe 1.  Issue:  Poor chioice of yarn for pattern. See what I mean?  The pattern gets lost in the stripes.  Tough luck; keep knitting - they are socks!  No one is looking that closely.

So last night I grabbed the toe up socks I knit a year ago, snipped out the semi-provisional cast on and grafted the toes.  Done.  No picture.  Issue:  I really do not like toe up socks.

I know that I have AT LEAST two pair of fingerless mitts, 2 sweaters, 3 cotton tops, a couple of hats that are in various stages of incompleteness.  I also have another pair of socks, but I'm actively working on those, so they don't count.

So does this mean I should not be perusing sweater patterns?  Oh dear....

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