Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nasheville Playford Ball: Dancing & Knitting

Last weekend marked the 28th annual PlayfordBall in Nashville, TN. Bare Necessities played and Joseph Pimentel led the dances. I am a relatively new English Country Dancer (just 2 years or regular dancing and 20 years of very occasional ECD) and this was my 2nd trip to Nashville. One year later, I am a much better dancer, paying close attention to the dances themselves instead of just getting lost in the flow. Here are just a few pictures of the people I spent a bit of time with. Since I danced EVERY SINGLE DANCE, I wasn't taking too many pictures. I danced with both men and women and after my recent experience in the gender-neutral environment at the Sun Assembly dance,I found myself easily taking on either role, even swapping roles alternate times through the dance.

I did a good bit of knitting while on the road, knitting one Windy City hat and 2 1/2 color change hats. They are coming out very well, though I need to find the appropriate amount of fiber/yarn to make a single hat from a single skein. I knit a beret of Hacho, a sample for Asheville homecrafts, then pulled it out as it was a rather poor imitation of a beret. Back to square one!

Not much of a shopper and without my own wheels, I did not shop for yarn, but I did hit a rather large thrift store where I scored an extra large crockpot to more than double my crockpot dyeing capacity. Already put to use (twice), I got over my essential cheapiosity and paid all of $8.99, having refised to pay more than 5 bucks for crockpots in the past. Since I got my earlier one at least 3 years ago for about $1.50 at a yard sale, I figure I can amortize the investment without too much difficulty.

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