Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday's Yarn - and not too much of it!

It's not really cheating. I did spin last night for about 15 minutes. Plain vanilla wool yarn from roving - Maybe an ounce. About as little as you can do and still say, 'I spun today.'

Granted, I worked from about 9am until 9 pm. Between getting ready to teach my regular Tuesday classes (and finishing the unit on the course management system) I had a Creating your Own Primary Sources workshop for the student teachers. They are doing a fine job - very interesting projects across the curriculum.

I was also getting ready for a snow day, that didn't happen. These chilly tulips are in front of the education building here in Mars Hill. After blowing snow all evening, we had NO accumulation, at least in Asheville. That nice warm earth just melted it away. It's still chilly and we may still get more snow, but I think I'll make it through. I didn't cover any of my flowers. You've got to be tough to come up early. The first of the lilacs are out, the day lilies are up and the dogwoods are getting ready to bloom. They may get zapped, but I am not too worried, as it is supposed to be 50 tomorrow. Like I said, you gotta be tough!

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