Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Snowy Hyacinths; Creamy Yarns

Spring snow continues with my sweet little flowers getting snowed upon as you see here. These are tiny grape hyacinths planted around the base of a Korean dogwood in my front yard. I snapped the picture on my way out the door this morning. With a bit of luck the white stuff will be gone for good later today.

Spinning everyday continues as I ply up the creamy white singles that I have been filling my bobbins with. I didn't count the yardage as it always changes after it is washed, so I see no sense in counting the wraps around the niddy noddy. I'll forget the number anyway. My guess is about 120 yards. There is at least that much still on the bobbins. This is why I love my Louet - great, big bobbins!

My 1996 Toyota Tacoma truck is in the hospital today for a clutch transplant. Only a mere 215,786 miles, so it still has a lot of traveling left to do.

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