Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend: Spinning, Dyeing and Flowers

I have had a delightful long weekend with almost no commitments, except the small goals that I have set for myself. Lots of dyeing and considerable spinning, including taking a look at my needs of color and fiber. I recently bought 3 pounds of mohair locks from Sandy, a remarkable woman who raises remarkable angora goats who produce fabulous fiber. This evening I will dye the last of it so that I can continue to sell dyed locks in my Etsy store.

I also dyed a lot of roving for the B&M stores - the bonbons and grab bags have been selling like mad, so I have been dyeing, making up the grab bags and small 'bonbons,' little snails of roving in one-ounce increments and delivering the goods.

I've also been taking photographs, to get a bit ahead for my shop. While I was in the studio I carded fiber for spinning multi-color yarns and spun a good bit. Spinning yarn everyday to meet the Ravelry challenge has not been at all difficult. I have been watching a BBC miniseries, Cranford. The only thing missing is a bit of English dance - must not have had an ECD consultant on the production staff.

Did I clean a lot of 'stuff' out of the basement? Yes - I threw away things, put stuff in a box for Goodwill, did the laundry that had been piling up, broke down boxes for recycling. I was only a start.

I have a rigid heddle loom that I have not used in years. It is a very nice 32" Beka on a stand. Cherry wood, 3 heddles and it is an older one, that my research tells me that it is one of the 'good ones.' But I have emotional baggage tied up in it more than anything else - I really wanted to be a weaver, but after a few years and a number of projects (mostly scarves) I found I didn't truly enjoy the process. After spending a day at the computer, I didn't want to spend time hunched over a hot loom. I have since been given a 4 harness table loom, that I haven't touched either, so I do believe it is time to a more enthusiastic weaver. Then I can get rid of the cones of cotton yarns that I will no longer need. If and when I want to use the table loom, I will buy the yarns I want for that project.

After a rainy Friday and chilly grey, threatening Saturday, Sunday dawned sunny and beautiful. I washed sweaters and dried the on the deck along with the freshly dyed mohair. I took a long walk that included an adjacent neighborhood that has a number of competitive gardeners and the UNCA Botanical Gardens. Lilacs and tulips are in full bloom along with the white trillium, Virginia bluebells and columbine. All in all, a lovely day after such gloomy weather.

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