Monday, April 6, 2009

April Challenge: Yarn Everyday

Though not one to engage in online group activity too often (my distance grad school cured me of any chat needs I may have had), I find myself joining in to the Ravelry group, Yarn Everyday, challenging me (well, us) to make a bit of yarn each day and document the process. here I go!

April 1 - Spun and plied the lovely blue-green yarn you see here from Falklands wool roving that I dyed myself in an unnamed blue/green/touch of lavender colorway. I wanted to test the spin-ability of the Falklands roving. Its similar to a Corriedale - reasonably fine, but puffy - It really blooms when washed. I got 135 yards out of 4 ounces - about a bulky weight - just what I like for my hats!

April 2 - dyed Mohair locks in vermilion and gold for my Etsy shop. They have been a good seller - so much so that I think I'll buy another mohair fleece from Sandy to dye some more. I find I don't really love to spin the curls, but I love the sheen that mohair adds to my wool yarns.

April 3 & 4 - Not a lot of spinning time, so I grabbed about a dozen balls of single yarn leftover from my spinning projects and have been spinning them up to use as stripes and accents. These mini skeins range from 4 to 15 yards - at least so far. Makes yarn and de-clutters the studio. What's not to love!?

April 5 & 6 Dyeing in the double crock pots. Last evening I made the 'Saturn' Colorway and this morning it was reds for the grab bags. The Grove Arcade shop is OUT and I won't get back there for a couple days.

So far, I have done something to make yarn everyday. I'm teaching tonight until 9, so I may just spin the creamy natural roving that seems to sell about as fast as I can get it spun, plied, washed, tagged and delivered.

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Mulchandmore said...

Great colors and soo productive, I've been spinning everyday too but didn't hear about the challenge soon enough for pictures. now I just have to list. Happy sales.