Monday, March 2, 2009

In Like a Lion

Like much of the Eastern part of the country, Western North Carolina has socked by a delightful snow yesterday. We had a rainy weekend, then about noon on Sunday it began to snow big, fat flakes. My almost downtown neighborhood got about 2 inches; the higher elevations got 6 inches or so. Up here in Mars Hill, where I took this picture, there is almost nothing left in the sunshine. Chilly temperatures are keeping the shady spots icy.

The English Dance happened as planned, but with only a few dancers, we took it as an opportunity to dance 3 couple dances in a workshop-like setting. We still had live music (recorder, fiddle and occasional guitar) and Bob brought CDs and every dance he had on a card, in addition to the couple hundred that live in his head. The stalwarts danced some simple dances and some tricky ones. One couple, fairly new to ECD, had a chance to ask all the questions that they had been wanting to ask. I called Gary Roodman's 'Our Cheers' while I was dancing. Big fun!

I also spent a good bit of my weekend carding wool and spinning. The Grove Arcade shop needs natural color yarn and Locally Grown needs dyed yarn. Funny how they sell different things!

I also dyed more of my Andromeda Shades rovings, adding Neptune and Uranus. I really like Uranus. I dyed fawn colored roving in rust and gold. I can't wait to spin it. I think I should spin up each color and photograph the skeins for my Etsy store. Even with slow sales, I am continuing to build stock as I experiment with colors both in roving and yarn. New sock yarns this week too as I dyed a very pretty blue green and rose-gold.

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