Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hot Colors!

I admit it. Red is my favorite color. But not just simple red - tomato, russet, fuchsia, purple, orange, pink - really just about any shade on the red side of the color wheel. So my first round of dyeing the mohair locks I recently 'inherited' are on the red side of life.

When Wilma went out of business, I purchased a bag of fiber that she bought a few years ago, but never did much with. Along with several bags of dyed Romney fleece, she had a few pounds of mohair locks. These are fine, adult mohair locks from Sandy Melton's goats who live quite happily in Madison County, NC at Nowhere Branch farm. Although they have been in a paper grocery bags for a few years, they cleaned up very nicely, took the dye like only mohair can and the first batch are in my Etsy shop. I am working on Blues now.

The yarn I've been spinning came out lovely, so I'll be able to take it to Durham with me for wall flower and hotel knitting. The hats in my head might just get out. Here goes!

Another nice note on the Etsy front, I am in a lovely treasury right now with my Pink Petunias roving. The whole treasury is Pretty in Pink and I'm happy to be among the featured artists.

Just a couple more days until Spring Break, then I am off to play with fiber, dance, hike and have all kinds of fun. I will have papers to grade, but that is a small price to pay for the ability to sleep in, work in the garden, ruminate about my kitchen and live a life of leisure!


calamity kim said...

Hi! I just bought some roving and this red bit at your Etsy shop and I just wanted to tell you that I used to live in Asheville and grew up in Blk Mtn. I am a quilter, doll maker and felter and please come read my blog if you have time! I will show off anything I make using your product and be happy to link to your shop and blog if thats OK. Thanks again and happy dying, spinning, knitting etc!
calamity kim

AnneMarie said...

Hi Kim - I'd be quite pleased to have you blog about your work with my materials. Your mixed media piece is lovely and deserves to win.