Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spinning away!

I've been spinning a lot lately - natural colors, hand dyed roving, and some fun blends that I've been carding up. In the last year or so, I've been spinning and knitting hats with a color change yarn on the brim and a solid crown. Lately I've been thinking about a finer, color change yarn that I can knit into a hat with the same lines as the 'boyfriend hat'. So that is the yarn I've been spinning - at least I hope co.

I did a purple-blue-green yarn that I like but it came out a bit short - 60 yards or so. Last evening I plied the orange-pink-purple singles into a yarn that I hope is long enough, but I won't really know until I take it off the bobbin and give it a wee bath. Keep your fingers crossed!

The 'subtle shades' sock yarns are looking good and starting to sell nicely at the Grove Arcade yarn shop, so I delivered another 1/2 dozen along with natural handspun yarns, which have been blowing out the doors!

After last week's snow, this past weekend was in the 70's - our fairly typical North Carolina spring. Today is another beautiful day, but we are on a cooling trend. Better for the trees and flowers to wake up slowly, The garden is getting started with peas, kale, onions, chard and radishes in already. J tucked in the blueberries bushes, but it looks as though some of the plants did not survive the winter in pots. I also planted a border of pansies, their sweet purple faces smiled at me this morning.

Spring break is just around the corner! Love the academic calendar, even if it will be filled with grading papers, taxes, housework, and basement cleaning (again!). There will also be time for gardening, hiking, dyeing, carding, maybe even a trip to the beach! First a trip to Durham for the Sun Assembly ECD spring weekend event of workshops and dances.

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