Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Planets in my Personal Solar System

I've continued om my dyeing journey through the solar system, as I name colors after the planets - I call the series, Andromeda Shades. It's a very interesting way to interpret knowledge and concepts as colors. Today I posted Neptune in my Etsy shop - It's a watery turquoise blue and bright green that makes me think of King Neptune with his trident and big fishy tail rising from the deep. Only in this case it is wool roving.

No picture yet, but I am currently spinning yarn from Uranus. I love this roving. It's SmokyMountainFibers Fawn as a base, overdyed with rust and gold, I love the way the colors are beep and rich; plus this roving spins like a dream. I spun about 3 ounces last evening. I'll ply it this evening and have it ready to photograph very soon.

Last night was my last evening Ed Tech class. It was a fine group of 14 diverse learners. The evaluations were very positive. One guy asked for less snow(!), most everyone liked the PowerPoint project in which they had to research and report on a different technology. Nothing left but the grading now.

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