Thursday, February 26, 2009

Learning to Purl

Today I will return to Art Ed to see the (mostly completed) embarrassingly easy handwarmers that the students have completed. It's time to learn to purl. As a studious practitioner of purl avoidance, this should be fun. To prep, I have a couple of pair of socks to demonstrate purl for fit (i.e. ribbing) and my great big Aran sweater to demo purl as art. I'll also have my hedgerow socks that nicely fit both categories.

I finally photographed them this morning and got them up on Ravelry. They have been my slow knitting. I've knit a few gull lace hats, dyed a good bit of fiber and sock yarn and spun several bobbins of yarn since I began these. Mostly they live at the office for lunch hour and meeting knitting and 'knit-while-reading' knitting. Hence slow knitting - kind of like slow food. I do like them even though I have to think a wee bit too much. There are a couple of booboos, but nothing worth pulling out. In truth I think the pattern is totally lost in the striping and I would be better off going back to my old favorite throw-back waffle socks pattern, but I have no intention of pulling them out.

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