Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Women are from Venus

Just a short post to announce the next planet, Venus - a very girly shade of orchid pink. Andromeda Shades are well on their way. The big box of Romney roving arrived today, so I am back in the interplanetary business.

Also new on the block, an olive shade I call Oregano - Semi solid sock yarn, perfect for Hedgerow and other stitch that look good in the more 'Subtle Shades.' I like this one a lot.

Last night's dance with Chicken Tractor was very cool - plus the fellows brought in an actual ready to lay chicken tractor, perfect for the new economy! The crowd was raucous, the band was hot, I didn't make any horrible mistakes - over all a fine evening. I treated it like an advanced dance. I started the evening about where I left off in Blacksburg on Saturday evening. Another one of those evenings where I know why I call dances. Big Fun!

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Mulchandmore said...

Hi, Beautiful shades,the first reminding me of crocus(a while before those appear here.
I have to ask, what is a ready to lay chicken tractor?