Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Fun that Knitting?

Why teaching others to knit, of course! A few years ago, I was regularly teaching knitting classes in my dining room and through an 'open university' that no longer exists in the community. I've taught at SAFF and led a group at my workplace. But graduate school (and employee turnover) put a stop to those activities. I missed teaching knitting, but I was very busy with my studies and then launching my new carreer that I didn't have time to miss it.

But this semester it was time for the fiber unit in Art Ed (ED324, Art in Elementary Schools) that my friend Barbara teaches. In the last few years we have focused on felt making, making beads and snakes and flat felt. This year the students really wanted to learn to knit. So I have been pressed into service helping the fledgling knitters.

My motto came right back to me - 'Just keep knitting.' 'Ms. Walter, This stitch is weird.' Ms Walter, my knitting looks awful.' The answer is almost always the same, 'Just keep knitting.' With only one previous knitter and a crocheter with some transition issues, they are having a hard time being inexperienced knitters. 'It will get better', I tell them. 'See, your third row is already better than the first! Just keep knitting.'

Since I taught most of these students in CS200 (Computer Applications for Education), I know then and like them and they kept telling me how much better art was than computer class. Uh, yeah! On Tuesday, I raced over to the ArtEd room as soon as I could possibly justify it. Yes, Knitting is much better than computing!

After their practice piece, they will make hand warmers as per Tangle's free pattern, what I call Embarrassingly Easy Fingerless Mitts. A simple square, knit in Garter stitch, folded over and seamed from both ends. I think they will get there!

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