Friday, February 6, 2009

New Hat! Any Test Knitters out there?

I've been knitting a good bit lately, but I am happily off socks!

As I contemplated Elizabeth Zimmermann’s February Baby Sweater and the February Lady sweater making the rounds of the blogoshere, I immediately thought about how the gull lace pattern would translate into a hat – particularly a pull-on hat in a slightly bulky yarn. Although since both sweaters are knitted from the top down and the hat is knitted bottom up, I was a bit unsure if I would like the lace pattern with its orientation reversed. Turns out I like it just fine. The hat was fun and quick to knit. Here is a quick & dirty picture of prototype #2. This is a really bad picture of a really sweet hat.

In knitting my prototypes, I have used Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Bulky and KnitPicks Peruvian Highland Wool Bulky. Both yarns worked very well. I tried a garter stitch crown, but I felt it looked too ‘heavy,’ so I pulled it out and returned to my favorite crown, with the 8-pointed decrease. My intention is to knit the pattern as I have written it down - hopefully without errors. Then it's off to the test knitters for further pattern proofing.

If you would like to be a test knitter, please respond via the comments section of this blog. Tell me how long you have been knitting and whether you have ever proof-knitted a pattern. I'll need your feedback in about a week, so be sure that you have time to do this. I'll select about 4 test knitters and email them the pattern. It will soon be a free Ravelry download for everyone!


Michelle said...

i will give it try... i love knitting hats.

Mulchandmore said...

Would like the opportunity to test, I'm fairly profficient at pattern reading having learned to read a sweater pattern with mock cables when I was in tenth grade(before that it was just scarves) Would you like it done on one of the two yarns you mention or I could try my handspun if I know the WPI. I normally knit to the given pattern gauge.

AnneMarie said...

Thanks for your offers! I'm knitting one myself at the moment. I'll send you a copy of the pattern to test later this evening.

Handspun is great - on any yarn that will come close to the gauge. I was at the LYS Sit 'n' Knit tonight and was looking at other yarns that would likely knit up nicely in this pattern.

Dana said...

If you need another tester, I'd be happy to give it a run too :) Either way, sweet hat!
- Dana G ( goblewarming on ravelry and etsy both )

Dana said...

If you need another tester, I'd like to give it a go :) Either way, sweet hat!
- Dana G ( goblewarming on Ravelry and etsy, both)