Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter hikes; Finishing Socks

I spent the past weekend in North Georgia with a number of friends. We had a number of reasons to gather and celebrate - our friend Charles retired from a job that had ceased being fun and our president W had long ago ceased being fun for the rest of us. So as Charles begins the next part of his life and all of America begins the next part of ours, it was a time to celebrate transitions.

Delicious food was cooked and eaten, friendly massages were given and received. We talked music and dance, peace and politics, beading and knitting - a fine way to spend the weekend with old and new friends. Charles and Bill and I set off on Sunday afternoon to hike Mount Yonah. Since the US Army wasn't using it to train the Rangers how to climb on its flat rock faces we had the place to ourselves. The earlier cold weather and snowfall left snow and ice behind, but the afternoon was warm and sunny - perfect for the spectacular views complete with Black Vultures riding the thermals.

I also finished the Bronze Berry socks that I had been knitting and gave them to Donna. She is a warm, generous and outgoing person and loved the socks. I immediately began a pair of toe-up socks in Socka Colori. They have a delightful pattern in the yarn. Since I seldom make toe-up socks, I have to think about what I am doing and follow a pattern. I'll post the progress on Ravelry.

Although I hated leaving the business for the weekend, both SmokyMountain fibers and the students seemed to have gotten along without me. But the 'to do' list is mounting and next weekend will be spent working at home dyeing, photographing, packing grab bags, grading papers and doing all those things that are calling my name. Gotta Go!

Coming Up: Calling the Old Farmers Ball on Thursday.

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