Thursday, January 8, 2009

Seaside Waffle Socks - Finished

Nearly a year in the making (although several months were spent on the marination chamber), the Seaside Waffle socks are finally done! I finished the toes last night after frogging Sock #2 after I had knit it on the wrong size needle. I love them and am planning on giving them to my friend Karin. We have worked together on a number of projects over the years and I trust her judgment implicitly. Sadly, the soft money nature of our work has rendered her 'redundant' as the Brits say. Since she will be working from home soon on doing contract work for a number of agencies that we have collaborated with in the past, cozy socks are in her future.

Another New Years Resolution: I HAVE to get caught up on my work reading. In order to do that, I intend to keep sock knitting at work to knit on while I read the 2 shelves of books required: both Appalachian History and Educational Technology as well as the journals that come every month. A few rows at lunch won't be a bad idea either. Might slow me down! Starting today, I am now knitting a pair of selfstriping sock in a shade of red-orange that seemed to leap out of the store's basket and into my hands the other day. What? I don't have enough sock yarn at home? I think it was the 1/2 price sale that did it! No pictures yet - 1/2 inch of ribbing is not much to look at!


ColorJoy LynnH said...

Ooooh, they are lovely. What a wonderful gift, for a wonderful friend. Nice work.


AnneMarie said...

Thanks, Lynn - Since it's your yarn, I am particularly glad you like them! I ended up with about 5 yards left of the 'creamy seaside.' Glad I threw in the lilac stripes on the toe!