Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Feel Honored!

I feel that I am lucky in so many ways, large and small. My online business is an Etsy shop , SmokyMountainFibers where I sell natural and hand-dyed fiber for spinners and feltmakers, hand-spun and hand-dyed yarns (though I am seriously behind) and patterns for my hat designs. I also sell knitted hats in a couple of brick & mortar stores along with my fibers and yarns. Etsy has a system whereby members can build 'Treasuries' - themed collections that are online for just a few days. Etsy selects Treasures to be rotated onto the front page of the site - always changing; always interesting.

This week I had my work featured in 2 different treasuries, curated by different members, my 'Guy Hat' pattern of which I have knit VERY many, and a hank of hand-dyed roving in a particularly vivid green I called 'Limey,' shown here. Although this doesn't always result in sales, it is very gratifying to be chosen by one's peers! No point in putting in links to the treasuries - they'll be gone soon.

Another wonderful thing happened today. At my day job, I had a meeting this morning with a national organization to co-develop curriculum materials for possible publication. I dare not give any more information, but this is very exciting!

Both these delights come after calling the Old Farmers Ball New Years Eve Dance - Huge fun! Without ever really making big important plans and setting well though out long-range goals, my life has found an amazing track that has led me to a new and fulfilling career and creative joy and personal happiness in a beautiful setting. I love my life!

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