Friday, January 9, 2009

New Socks!

Bronze Berry! I love the official color name of these new socks and they got off to a great start.

After getting the ribbing done at lunch yesterday, last evening was the monthly meeting of my fiber group, so I knitted for about 2 1/2 hours, knitting the leg all the way down to the heel. We were a small group, but a good one. Dinner was roasted chicken, spicy peanut soup (yum!), tossed salad and black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream. I am responsible for the ice cream - in fact the hostess commented on that fact - I frequently bring ice cream, them leave it at the host's house so I don't bring it home and eat it myself. I hove no control over ice cream. If it is there, I have a large bowl every night. If it is not there, I can't. So better to go the the expensive grocery store, buy exactly what I want and then give it away. I get all the pleasure that the first bowl gives you and the husband of the host gets the rest of the calories and any associated guilt!

This weekend: Calling a contradance in Bristol, VA/TN.
Dyeing lots of roving - the grab bag selections are WAY down
Knitting socks!

Good post-holiday news: 126 lbs!

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