Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not my Next Career

Cake Decorating, that is. Although my colleague and I had great fun decorating a cake for our administrative person's 50th birthday, perhaps frosting is not my most creative medium. It was lots of fun and the other 2 talked about taking a cake decorating class, but I think I'll pass. For all its tack glory, the cake was delicious. The cake itself was a dense pound cake and the icing was genuine butter cream - heavy on the butter! My official contribution was the ice cream (Moose Tracks and Pralines & Cream) and both cake and ice cream will live in the office refrigerator for all and sundry to snack on.

Note the background of these pics: Paper cutters, hole punches, program brochures and all matter of office supplies are within easy reach of squirty bags and tips.

Although my evening class started in the Adult ACCESS program started last week, the semester began this week. I have 2 day sections as well as the evening session - both very full. I have revamped my class slightly to make it more education, less technology. So far so good. In the self-assessments I found that virtually all my traditional age students have Facebook or MySpace pages, but only one admits to having a blog. I don't tell them about mine.

Official fiber content: At tonight's SAFF board meeting, I'll be knitting on the BronzeBerry socks. The first sock is ready for the toe, the 2nd is ready for the heel flap! These are fast little sockies - Lunch hour knitting rocks!

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