Monday, June 28, 2010

So...What About a New Sweater?

May be a cardigan?  A nice, mossy green cardigan?  Okay, I have the yarn and maybe the pattern, if it works.  I like to knit sweaters in big pieces, rather than small pieces that have to be sewn together.  I don't like fussy fitting sweaters - I like big, boxy sweaters that I can layer under - turtlenecks, shirts, lighter weight sweaters.  Those 2 requirements work pretty well together.

So what if I take this (Drops 103-1 Jacket) with long sleeves of course. OK, may be it's last year's ubiquitous jacket, but not around here!

and construct it like this?  This is Cirrus  - constructed in one piece to the underarms.  But mostly stockinette with wider moss stitch panels and the front and cuffs.

Both have sleeves that are set in and collars knitted separately and sewn on.  But I have many hours of knitting until I come to that decision.

So far, just a swatch that I have washed to check gauge before and after.

Oh, and the yarn?  Louet Riverstone Chunky in Island Moss.  I like it!

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