Monday, June 7, 2010

Blowing in the Wind

What better place to dry my newly dyed roving than on the garden fence.  The green beans at the base are still too small to need the top (but give them a couple of weeks), so we are adding fiber the other way.

I sell grab bags of colored fiber in my Etsy shop as well as in the local yarn shops.  I started doing them to get rid of excess fibers and leftovers.  Now I have to dye specifically for the grab bags.  The reds and greens are here.  The blues were still in the dyepot when these pictures were taken.  In fact this fiber was still wet when it posed.  Merino wool, it was much fluffier once it was dry.

One of my favorite kinds of weekends (particularly after a busy travel time), I stayed home this weekend.  I worked in the garden pulling zillions of weeds and planting Roma beans, dyed roving and sock yarn, and did a few long-neglected household chores.  Not too many of course.  After all, I still need time to knit and spin and read and blog!

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