Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hidden Garden

There is a charming spot that I pass whenever I walk to downtown Asheville (which is to say, fairly frequently).  I live in an urban neighborhood, but there is a bit of open space.  Some of it is non-buildable, mostly because of the landforms that make it difficult, expensive, or just not a very good idea.  In this case, there is a creek in an underground culvert.  But someone in the neighborhood has a bit of a garden on this reclaimed bottom land.

As traffic goes overhead, pedestrians know to look into the ravine below....

Just about a quarter mile north of downtown, look over the guard rail on the left.  You'll see....

Beets, salad greens, squash, watermelons, all nicely mulched.

As well as potatoes, tomatoes, peas, beans and lots more.  I've never seen anyone tending the garden, but I so appreciate its charm, beauty and tender care.  Someone loves this hidden garden!

Requisite fiber content:  Yesterday I finished one knit hat and began another.  I also knit a bit on my gull lace hat, but it require some actual concentration, so it was had to do while on a web meeting!

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