Monday, June 15, 2009

Sweet Baby Zukes

I'm glad that tiny baby vegetables are no longer the coolest thing in foodie-land, because there are too cute to take away from their mamas. Tiny baby zucchini only about as big as my little finger, and that was 24 hours ago. This morning they are about the size of my index finger. Tiny baby Butternuts are on their way to being the size of a ... what... the size of a skein of Cascade Ecological wool? We grow 'em big here!

Saturday was a carding day as well as sort-through-old-stuff day. I used old wool I will NEVER spin up to mulch the garden. I laid down batts and covered them with pine bark mulch. The wool should felt & block grass with a bit of help from the pine bark. Some areas just got cardboard or plastic to kill the grass where vegies will soon roam.

Yesterday was a spinning day. Both at home and at the WNC Farmers Market I spun off- white natural, 2 color change yarns and a multicolor pastel yarn. The jury is still out on that one - maybe a bit girly-girl for my taste.

The last photo is the 'field of poppies' all self-seeded from last year and soon to be pulled for something more edible. Flowers are lovely, but that is supposed to the the chard bed and the poppies are crowding out - or it it dimming?- my 'Bright Lights.' Note the peas in the left foreground.

This weekend the Phat Fiber boxes went on sale with my oceanic samples and my Phat Stripes pattern went up on the 'Secret Site.' Gotta get that on Ravelry!

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