Friday, June 12, 2009

Gull Lace Hat - Now on Etsy!

After a few months of meaning to get around to it, this evening I uploaded my lovely Gull Lace hat on Etsy. It's a fun knit and an easy way to learn to knit lace. The pattern has been selling nicely at Asheville Home Crafts, and it was time to get it done! The trickiest part was getting the tags right so it will come up in the Etsy search engine. It's had a few views, so I guess I was successful. Next step: get it listed on Ravelry. Maybe I'll get to it next week.

The weekend is coming up and I am ready to spend another weekend in the garden and house. I'm still getting rid of stuff. What do those people who have a LOT of stuff do?

The butternut squash vines are just beginning their annual trek across the yard, The largest grew a FOOT yesterday and it will likely do the same today. I'll be laying down a mulch of waste wool, hay and cardboard, where I am really trying to kill the grass. The poppies looked fabulous this morning, but no pics yet - wet grass!

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