Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Morning Garden Tour

June is bustin' out all over my garden. Here are just a few pictures of what I saw this morning...

Poppies: all are volunteers. Although we saved seeds last year, we had enough babies show up, we did not bother to plant them. This tear, I intend to mark the ones worth saving and pull the rest before they go to seed. I want my garden back from these little interlopers!Bees like them, though!

Daylilies are just starting to bloom. The first is 'Little Business.' I moved him into a better space last year and I'm glad I did. They have been the first to bloom and are clearly happy in their new spot. Not sure of the second one, very pretty though.

Lavender in full bloom. I brought this home from the tailgate market in a 2 1/2 inch pot a few years ago. I think it's Munstead. Behind the lavender are classic orange daylilies getting ready for quite a burst. They should be full out when I get home. These were dug up by a friend who was building a house and a huge stand of them were going to be bull dozed. Happily he shared them with his friends. Thanks, Hank!

Sugar snap peas: We are eating them daily. With the warmer weather they'll be compost soon to be followed by green beans. Roma tomato plant is happy in its hot spot. Note the baby squash at its feet! Speaking of squash, this hill of butternut (from saved seeds) is about to cover the yard in vines. I recently heard that squash vine borers don't bother with butternut - Fools!

Required fiber content!

Spinning colorful yarns, dyeing Subtle Shades sock yarns, knitting wildly colored striped hats, writing hat patterns. And yet all I have to show today is dark brown fiber overdyed with red and the color on the photo looks purple. The yarn spun up nice. Wonder what it will be?

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