Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Notorious plays the Grey Eagle

Last night the Asheville contradance community was treated to an evening of extremely fine music by Notorious. The duo of Eden MacAdam-Somer and Larry Unger played very hot fiddle with excellent guitar and banjo. The Grey Eagle Tavern and Music Hall was full to the bursting with happy dancers.

I was lucky enough to call the dance. In my calling career (not to put to heavy a spin on it), I have called with a number of big names and hot bands. But I had not called with Larry and Eden before, so it was a real treat to share the stage. When I used to run the Winston-Salem dance, I always tried to book a better caller than me when Larry played with any of his bands. But this time it was my turn and I really enjoyed it.

A Destashing Surprise

I think my destashing is nearly complete. I have had a number of sales for the washed fleece and excess roving that I have placed in my Etsy shop. The yarn has been a little more difficult to deal with. but there is less of it than I thought. I am also spinning up a good bit of my roving and playing with felt - both wet and needle felting

During the basement cleanup/destashing activities, I came upon some Merino fleece, that was so greasy that I intended to throw it away. This bag was dyed, but still really sticky. But I thought - - well, if I try to wash it again, what is the worst that could happen? It would be a mess and I would throw it out. Why not try? So I put VERY HOT water in the washer, added the dyed fleece and let it soak for about 15 minutes. When I spun it out, I was amazed - it was beautiful! After a HOT rinse, I put it on screens to dry. Still felting, rather than spinning quality, but that's okay. I am happy to put it to work.

I think my earlier problem was that I was treating it like Romney or Shetland and let the fleece sit in the water until it cooled off. Now I know!

I do need to do a bit of dyeing again. Last weekend was so full, that I did not have the time to devote to much dyeing. I did make this Fire roving - perfect for the EtsyFAST January Challenge.

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