Friday, January 25, 2008

Fun with Beads

It's been a few years since I made earrings, but that does not stop me from thinking about beads, admiring beads, even visiting bead shops. I have a nice stash, but when I am tempted to buy more, a little voice says, 'Don't buy more beads until you use the ones you already have.' Well, I guess I can buy more now.

I made stitch markers!!! Since I had not handled pliers in some time, I had to get my chops back. But I did and I had fun and I made a number of very cute little markers. My plan is to give these first ones away with skeins of yarn in my Etsy shop, but to start making sets to sell both in the online store and at the Farmers Market shop. I've ordered supplies (from Etsy, of course!) and can't wait till they come in. Fun!!

On the knitting front, I finished knitting the glitter socks. Just a few Kitchener stitches away from having them on my feet. I am also finishing the stretchy socks. I knit these from KnitPicks 'Dancing,' a cotton-Lycra blend. They have been languishing for too darn long - I think I don't love this yarn, though if I like wearing the socks, I may knit another pair. If not, the additional yarn will go to a new home on Ravelry. Just the toes left!

In the work world, teaching my undergraduate courses is exciting and fun, but a lot of work. Besides prep time and grading, I'm having trouble staying ahead. I just signed up for a Saturday workshop in February. Although I have my courses on the course management system, I need a day set aside to work on it with facilitators who can show me the shorter ways to do things. I don't have to figure out EVERYTHING myself!

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