Thursday, January 10, 2008

Etsy Teasury Fun

Today I got very lucky and snagged an Etsy Treasury. I named it "We all Scream for Ice Cream" then had a very hard time finding ice creamy things that were well photographed. I played around with it and it ended up looking very nice. Pinks and browns and greens - some fiber, some finished goods - would have put in jewelry, but I couldn't find a piece that fit thematically and visually. It's getting lots of views and comments. Unfortunately, I forgot to snag a picture of it.

Last night was the SAFF board meeting -I ended up on a couple of committees, but nothing I can't handle. I finished the first pink glitter sock!! Later at home I have most of my Sweetie's fingerless mitts done; just the thumbs and finishing left. Must add to Ravelry!

Back in the working world, I played with the schedule of the class I'm teaching this semester, putting things in different order, working out the grading system, and planning how I'n going to put it on the course management system. I think I've got it!

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