Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy 2008

My first New Years Resolution: Be a good blogger. That means write well and post regularly. I'll certainly try!

After the fun of holiday travel and visiting family and friends, it's good to be back in Asheville. My Sweetie and I visitied his parents in Columbus Ohio, then on to my sister's home in Pittsburgh. I I love my sister very much, have the world's best brother in law and the coolest ever nephews. The guys are 12 and 10, still wonderful guys, even on the brink of adolescence. I love my sister and spending Christmas there has become our tradition. We eat and cook and talk, play with the kids, even work out. They have put in a great exercise room in their basement and she has totally inspired me to get fit. Now no one has any sympathy for a person who wants to lose 7 pounds, but the love handles have got to go! Second New Years Resolution: Lose the pesky 7 pounds!

After family visitation, my sweetie and I went to the ContraDancers Delight Holiday in Morgantown, WV. This event is put on by Warren and Terry Doyle, featured Crowfoot and the Elftones with Nils Fredland and Beth Molaro calling. Although I can no longer dance 12 hours a day, I had lots of fun. I treated it as a mini spa vacation with added fiber and bonus music and dancing! The Lakeview Resort has a very nice fitness center, I brought my wheel and fiber for spinning and feltmaking. I even took my wheel to the dance hall, where I answered lots of questions and had a fine time spinning to the music.

Back at home, I began the annual DeStashing project, aka res #3. Last year, I sent quite a bit of fiber to new homes. It was so much fun, I did it again! I went through a number of boxes, sorted and weighed fiber, posted it in my Etsy store and shipped it out! I know I may have gotten a bit carried away, but it is very heartening and cleansing to redistribute the fiber to other 'holics. I need to hit the yarn next, but it is less interesting.

I came across some stuff I did not know that I had and some stuff I 'rediscovered.' A few years ago, I purchased a merino fleece, but it seemed so greasy that I could never stand it. I know where the white fleece is and fully intended to throw it away later, but decided that hot soapy water might make the dyed stuff want to come to a felting party. So 2 passes through the washer seems like we now have felting fiber. It was still damp this morning, so I'll check it when I get home to see if it has come back to life.

Living in the mountain, we expect to see a bit of snow. On January 2nd, we woke up to genuine snow! Now WNC snow is not Wyoming snow, but it came down throughout the day and there are few if any snow plows. Though just a few inches at my house, there was a good bit at the college so I got a bonus day. I worked from home, but in my pjs! Happily the elderly furnace sprang to life after being MIA for several days. Nothing like that 5 am rumble to let you know that all is not lost.

Photo credit: Stephen Loftis, Special to the Citizen-Times

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