Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Since my 2010 Stash Knit Down is in full swing, I thought I'd post a short update on my progress.  I finally finished a pair of Hedgerow socks knit from KnitPicks Felici in their colorway Dakota.  After a tiny little mistake about a year ago, these were sidelined.  Obviously the stripes and the pattern are not a great pairing,  This lovely, simple knit and purl almost-lace rib would have shown up much better in a solid or semi-solid.  I promise I'll try this pattern again in a more appropriate yarn.  But they are now complete and ready for the strategic present reserve. 

I'm much more pleased with the Happy Waffle socks.  My all-time favorite sock pattern, the Blueberry Waffle sock, this time in a muted purple-ish colorway that I just love.  A nice no-brainer pattern that really moves along.  Sock #1 is done to the toes.  Sock #2 is about 3 inches long and I have some Dr's office waiting around time this afternoon so I should make some serious progress.

Next week, I will be traveling on business with airport, plane and hotel knitting time.  I am looking for a good sock to knit.  I have a lovely skein of Cushy Color Sport by ColorJoy/LynnH in a semi-solid denim blue.  It's sport or DK weight (I can't remember at the moment), so it should go fast on about a size 3 - huge in sock-world!  Any pattern suggestions?  If so, leave me a comment.

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