Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

This is my favorite (ok, only) Easter joke:

Have a great day with family and friends, walk in the park, or the neighborhood, admire the flowers, knit in springy colors.  Have fun. In my town we will have an English Country Dance.  I may have to sit the gate at least part of the time, so I'll do a bit of knitting.  Probably the hedgerow socks.  I'm on the heel flap and that is a good time to do some boring knitting.

I'm also doing normal things:  Dyeing my Mars colorway,  Washing a beautiful Aran sweater that I wear as a coat , and sad to say, doing my taxes :-(  But I don' t really mind doing them.  I had an awful 2007 - very confusing - so last year I went to H&R Block.   I left there $500 poorer, so this year I am seeing what they did and using that experience as a pattern for doing it myself.  It's almost time to fill in the main form.  I think I have all the auxiliary form and schedules taken care of.   This will be a good one to finish up!  Apparently I had a good year!

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