Monday, February 15, 2010

What Does this Tiny Bit of Knitting Mean?

In short, it means that I have completed 2 sweater sleeves and have started in on the waist ribbing.  A weekend at home with books to read and videos to watch means that I got a lot of knitting done.  'What,' you say.  'No Olympics?'  As I cast on 2 days early and could not justify an entire sleeve as a swatch, I am not qualified to declare this Winter Games knitting.  It would be totally amazing were I to finish the modified Cobblestone Pullover in 17 days,  but with my history, that is a rather unrealistic goal. And perhaps not as challenging as it could be.

I live a somewhat TV-deprived life.  I have a TV, in fact a small flat screen, but no cable, satellite or even much broadcast TV.  I get the local affiliates for ABC & PBS, Fox when the wind is blowing just so.  In the interest of not watching any more TV that I already do, I have decided to remain cable-free.  I was TV-free for about 3 years and I somehow survived, but I just choose what I will watch based on only a few choices and that's okay.  I prefer to get my news from NPR; I have the internet and occasionally watch a TV show via the network sites or Hulu.

I have found the Olympic site that shows me what I need.  I actually would like to watch the Olympics, but I don't want to see only US athletes and the 3 winners for the events.  I do not want to watch the 'up close and personal' stories.  And seeing the same dozen or so commercials over and over gets on my last nerve.  About 20 years ago (yikes!), I pieced a quilt while watching the Winter Games.  Loved it!  But that may have been the last time that I watched a LOT of the games.   And I must admit, I pieced most of an entire quilt top.

So, knit on, I say!   Join a team (or not).  Watch the sporting events (or not).  Set goals (or not).  Have fun!

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