Friday, February 26, 2010

Connecting Children with Children

I am writing this from the NC Social Studies Conference in Greensboro, NC where my colleague and I presented our work teaching through the experiences of children.  We are using primary sources and children's literature to teach American history.  We collaborated to develop a number of  resources (lesson plans, primary source sets, annotated bibliography, etc) and shared them with our audience.  Want your students to learn about westward expansion, we have diaries for that!   How about child labor? Lewis Hine took lots of pictures. What was school like back in the day - check out the photos, books, etc.  The young man you see here is a great example of child labor.  But since he is selling the Chicago Defender, we want to know more about his experience in the the Great Migration, when many African American moved from the rural south to the cities of the industrial north.  We could go on for a week - that's the summer institute or just an hour like we did yesterday.  It was a good thing!

Making progress on the Cobblestone sweater.  I am about 4 rows from the 2nd decrease, though for session knitting, I brought a hat.  The sweater is just too big to lug around and the chairs are small and set together tightly.  But this means I'll get  Mike's hat knit - finally!!  I just cast on and I'm ready to go. 

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