Friday, February 19, 2010

And the Answer Is...

Almost 3 inches.  The question was, 'In an average evening of knitting stockinette in the round on size 9 needles, how much sweater will I knit?'  So in about 2 hours of knitting with a break for tea and a slice of rather yummy apple crumb pie, I knit just about 2 3/4 inches.  Not bad, eh?

So with both sleeves completed and the body about 2/3 of the way to the big join-up, the modified Cobblestone is about 50% there!  Once the sleeves and body are on the same needle, it will be slow going for a while, but I am looking forward to the 'thinking' part of this knitting project.

The de-stashing continues in the Etsy shop, as I am continuing to send yarns out to people who will love them. More of that this weekend, but need to measure and take pictures.  I have already emptied one tote box - a very good start!

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