Thursday, February 18, 2010

Charging Along

The Modified Cobblestone is beginning to look like a sweater  At about 7 inches of ribbing and tummy (and lower back), I am knitting around and around and around.  I will be for the next several knitting-hours.  At this stage they are a lot like light-years.  Seem rather endless, but we will get there.  I think I'll mark the starting point of this evening's knitting and see what a one hour dramatic episode of Grey's Anatomy high toned public television knits up to.  An inch?  That's my guess.

Since the Classic Lines Cardi was knit on size 5 (3.75 mm) needles, these big, honkin' size nines (5.5 mm) are flying!  Love it!  I like the rich brown color too.  Looking forward to putting it all together! 

Not the labor saving device in the lower left corner.  I finally wised up and did the first 4 rows of ribbing back and forth and then and only then joined them into a ring.  Much harder to twist your stitches if you have enough to see. 

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