Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rare Purls: Knitting History

If you have an interest in how knitting has been part of culture for a long time, take a look at this article in the Toledo (OH) Blade. Writer Ellen Foley has been collecting images of knitting and other needlework and in now sharing her collection in the rare book room of the Toledo Public Library where it is now in display in the rare book room.

You can read more about it here.

Nothing that exciting going on at Smoky Mountain Fibers, though I did start spinning a lovely alpaca merino blend that I purchased at SAFF.  I purchased it from a local alpaca farmer here in Madison County, NC.  I have quite a bit of fiber ready to spin, but with no apparent purpose, other than it was lovely and I want to encourage local small business.  It is a very soft fiber, but you'd never know to look at it.  The color is a heathery golden brown - looks rustic, feels sweet!  One of those fibers that you have to pet to really understand.  My spinning pals at last night's spinning group - [hey - How come I was the only one spinning?  Everyone else was knitting.  What's up with that?] - were quite appreciative of its texture, color and ease of spinning.

I'm not sure what it will end up being, but as I have 8 ounces, I'll end up with enough yarn to do something with. I'll try to take some photos that will do justice to the subtle color.

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